Cellar Bredif

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Wine cellar Brédif

La cave BrédifSince 1893, the House Brédif is one of the most famous of Vouvray. In 1980, Baron Patrick de Ladoucette took over as a true wine lovers. Enamored of quality and tradition, he gave a new impetus to this house several times centenary.

Founded in 1893 per Mr Brédif, the Brédif House is one of the most known Houses and most respected in the area for its quality but also in the world! Recognized for his Vouvray, Mr Brédif was a pioneer in the world of the vinificators, by creating sparkling Vouvray in the beginning of the XXème century. The cellars troglodytes of the field, dug in micaceous chalk starting from Xème century are among most beautiful and vaster of name. They contain very rare wines of which the years go up until 1874.

vigne-de-cepage-blancAccording to the soils argilo-limestones, siliceous or sandier, the exposures and the age of the vines, the Brédif House vinifies three types of wines: traditional Vouvray, Nectar Marc Brédif collected in late grape harvest at the time of certain exceptional years, as well as the White Vine, wine resulting from the vines of the same name and exclusive property of the house: this monopoly produces a dry white high-class wine.

The Brédif House also produces in Chinon of the wines red and rosy, of which the prestigious vintage, Chinon Réserve Private as well as Chinon Blanc.