Castle of Clos Lucé

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Castle of Clos Lucé

Manoir du Clos LucéTo the east of Tours, Amboise, this is the Chateau du Clos Luce, at the invitation of François 1st, that Leonardo da Vinci spent the last three years of his life, working on many projects on and off the May 2, 1519. From chamber to the rooms recently restored Renaissance, through the kitchen of his servant Mathurine, the visit to share the intimacy of the Renaissance genius.

You will have lunch and you relax in this charming historic setting. For it is in the Renaissance gardens planted with roses and offering splendid views of the Royal Castle of Amboise, Leonardo worked and painted !

The powerful medieval fortress of Amboise, at the dawn of the Rebirth, yields the place to a royal residence under the reigns of Kings de France Charles VIII and François 1st. The Court, numbers well-read men and European artists remain there with the invitation of the sovereigns, with the example of Léonard de Vinci who rests in the vault of the castle. This high place of the French history has an extraordinary collection of Gothic furniture and Rebirth which testifies to the artistic refinement of the first French Rebirth. The walks arranged along the quays offer a superb sight on the Loire !