Nantes : City to exceptional architectural heritage and renowned gastronomy is distinguished by its quality of life and its environment

City of West Europe and France, Nantes is located on the Loire estuary. River and ocean, the city rises to the point where the waters of the Loire and its tributaries: the Erdre and Sèvre mingle with those of the Atlantic Ocean.

Théâtre GraslinLive historical nights, give pleasure the time of an escapade in Nantes! Castles, manors, abbeys with this “certain something” which the patina of time and the passion of the owners confer. This stay promises a completely royal escapade to you !

Historic city, economic center, meeting place and exchange, stock art and culture, Nantes has always been an important city in France. Many architectural evidence will confirm.

Starting with the XV century castle built by Anne de Bretagne, Saint Peter’s Cathedral whose construction is spread over four centuries, the medieval quarter of Bouffay with its timbered houses and narrow streets. Then Feydeau Island with its beautiful limestone facades that rich owners have built in the eighteenth century when Nantes became the first port of colonial trade.

Lu NantesNantes, it is also the capital of the so famous biscuit factory LU in France! Cradle of the factories LU, Nantes transformed the biscuit factory into a complex and a place of exception. Vis-a-vis the castle of the Dukes of Brittany, the tower LU offers a unspoilable view on the city, at the price of the rise of 130 steps! Reassure, an elevator was planned for the least courageous …

You knew that Nantes was the birthplace of Jules Vernes: does French author celebrate of “Twenty thousand miles under the Seas”? A large middle-class house of the XVIIIè century shelters a museum gathering books, posters, objects …

Nantes La cigaleBut remember that Nantes, they are also large tables for dining experiences with exceptional products of its soil who have conquered the French tables. Take the opportunity to taste a white butter (born on the banks of the Loire), this wonderful sauce that accompanies the Loire fish (pike-perch and pike) with the first vegetables of the Nantes … accompanied by the undisputed star of Nantes: Muscadet wine : fruity and robust at a time. Not to mention the Coteaux d’Ancenis and Gros Plant ! Here in Western Loire, happiness is on the plate!

Credits photos Nantes Tourisme
Theater Graslin : Aurélie Delaporte
 Castle of the dukes of Brittany: Nautilus Nantes
Petit Beurre Lu : Patrick Gérard
Brewery la Cigale : D Billaud/ Nautilus Nantes