Nantes vineyards

Escapade in Nantes: places to visit

The Nantes vineyards

With 11,500 hectares, the vineyards of Muscadet is the largest garden in the Loire Valley wine. Nantes, between the Loire and the Atlantic Ocean, is the capital of the largest vineyard white wine appellation in the world monovarietal. Fresh, light and fruity wines from Nantes form the heart of Nantes and French cuisine !

Who knows taste does not drink wine but tastes secrets ! - Salvador Dali.

The vineyard of the Muscadet wine benefits from a very specific soil. With a few kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean, it profits on the one hand oceanic influence and on the other hand from a micro climate in the south of the Loire, mainly between the two rivers: Sèvre and Maine.

cave du Chateau de CassemichèreLocated 15 kilometers from Nantes, Nantes the vineyards, the Château de la Cassemichère (XVIII) is the birthplace of Muscadet. The first vines were planted in 1740 by monks Burgundians.

 A visit with accompanying notes on the history of the castle and the Nantais vineyard will continue with the visit of the cellars with an initiation with tasting “Prestige” (with a comment on the wines of the castle which will be tasted) :

degustation-dans-notre-chaiMuscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie of the year, will be accompanied by cheese on toast “Curé Nantais” (refined Muscadet)

Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur lie “Cuvée Prestige” will be accompanied by cheese on toast “Curé Nantais” (refined Muscadet)

And Late Harvest “Autumn Dream” with toasts of foie gras and ice Nantesgastronomes-de-la-mer

You will be able to have the privilege to attend the chapters of the Gastronomes of the Sea who will take place on June 8 and November 23, 2012 and to be even established there.