Nantes – Jules Verne

Escapade in Nantes : places to visit


” I was born in Nantes, where my childhood was all entirely past. Son of a half Parisian and a mother quite Breton, I lived in the sea movement of a large trading town (Nantes), point of departure and arrival of many voyages”

Follow in the footsteps of the most famous of Nantes is to revive him through the city of the nineteenth century that opens to the port, the sea, the other, the imagination of his future novels so famous around the world.

The Jules Verne Museum :

 musée Jules Vernes NantesHoused in a beautiful house of the late nineteenth century, Jules Verne Museum overlooking the Loire. The white facade bathed in the light returned from the south the river, the brick wall ties, arcs across the past that draw windows and doors, elegantly laid in the turret lookout is a natural invitation to contemplation of the city and the river , travel and escape. If the writer has not lived here, he assiduously frequented the slopes of the Loire country house where the family of Verne is still a short distance.

In this privileged setting, the “very curious Jules Verne” engaged gradually the visitor through the objects of his daily life, autograph manuscripts, which show line by line drawing of “Extraordinary Voyages”, the multiple products derivatives inspired by the evocative power and visibility of the work. We thus discover not only the anticipator “of the submarine and the space race but also those for whom writing was” the only source of true happiness. “