Nantes – Graslin area

Escapade in Nantes: places to visit

The Graslin area with the Graslin Place and its theatre, the Royal Place, the Pommeraye passage

Any industrial and financial success of the city that has shaped this area can be described without hesitation very elegant. Its theater, its course, passing, his now famous brewery and its luxury shops attract by this atmosphere that transports us momentarily during the “Belle Epoque” !

théâtre Graslin NantesOnly four cities in France preserve rooms of time XVIIIe of which the Graslin Theatre. Conceived with Italian, this chief of work (it opens by a superb peristyle with eight Corinthian columns which eight Muses surmount) neoclassicism built in 1788 is today the head office of Nantes-Angers Opera.

As for the Pommeraye Passage, created in 1843 (very rare are the towns of Europe being able to flatter itself to have a roofed passageway of such an architectural value), develops on three flanked levels of shops (Hermes.), a monumental staircase with worked decoration.

Finally the Place Royale, which revolves around a monumental fountain in blue granite. The image of the marble city of Nantes, army of the trident of Neptune, dominates the allegories in bronze of the Loire and its tributaries four: Erdre, the Sevre, Cher and Loiret.