Nantes – cruise on the Erdre

Escapade in Nantes: places to visit

The cruise on the river Erdre

Bateau Erdre NantesOn board Nantes Boats, you will embark for a cruising d’1H45 on Erdre to discover the architectural heritage of “the most beautiful river of France”, according to king François Ier !

In guidebooks of the nineteenth century, people spoke of “The River Erdre or 365 castles”. Even today, its banks are a favorite resort destinations of Nantes. Former marshy river, Erdre rises in Maine and Loire. Until the early twentieth century, at the current location of the Ile Feydeau that flowed into the Loire. The 1930s and their great works of filling largely shortened his career in Nantes, giving rise to the current course of the 50 hostages. Since that time, therefore the Erdre sneaks through a tunnel under the current St. Peter and St. Andrew for being found in the Loire Canal Saint Felix.

 While embarking on one of the Nantes Boats, you leave for a return ticket 1H45 with music and comments. Many landscapes sublimes take shape with the wire of the floods. The island of Versailles and the many barges with the accesses of the bridge of the Red Mound leave then place at sights on sumptuous castles, manors and parks. The water sports being very practised on Erdre, the flying personnel of canoes, the set ones on oars, small sailing ships do not fail to greet you with each meeting, just like the hikers who walk along the banks. The fauna which lives Erdre or its accesses are also voyage !!